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Performance Business Brokers – Tip of the Day

Making an Offer to Purchase a business for sale.

Buying a business through a business broker is a very exciting experience. Once you decide you want to make an offer to buy a business, you need to understand the process involved.

After you make an offer through your business broker, the next step is becoming familiar with the Offer to Purchase contract for the sale of a business and completion of same.

As in all contract negotiation, certain clauses and amendments can be added or altered to the Offer to Purchase contract (it’s all about negotiation with the other party!). Your business broker in conjunction with you and your lawyer should be able to advise you on this.

Performance Business Brokers always recommends the buyer and the seller to obtain independent legal advice on the Offer to Purchase contract for a sale of a business.

We continue to handle the negotiations between buyer and seller and their advisors. We manage the due diligence process that ensures the buyers know that what they believe they are buying is what they really are buying. We ensure the business purchaser knows that the seller still has alternatives, because perceived choice impacts on the speed and price of the business sale. We therefore work hard to get you the best deal possible. Contact Performance Business Brokers to assist you in selling your business.

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