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SOLD – Sign and Graphic Shop for sale

Landon Graphics is a well established sign and graphics company with a strong history in the. Edmonton sign and graphics industry. In business for more than 20 years, Landon graphics has expanded its portfolio to include not only signs but all types of offset and digital printing as well. Digital products range from vehicle wraps, displays, posters, sandwich boards and all types of decals. This company would be an ideal addition for any printing company whether it is offset or digital as they broker a large amount of printing and it would be easy to allocate that portion of business in house to the printing Company.

Their creative department is staffed by talented designers who are able to handle any size project. From the development of a company logo it is common for Landon Graphics to expand that logo development to produce everything from business cards, invoices, flyers, vehicle graphics and backlit storefront signage. Their customers appreciate that they are a true one stop shop that can take care of all advertizing needs.

Another service they offer is screen printing. A valuable and profitable part of the business, this service is also utilized by other sign shops that don’t have this capability.

Landon Graphics has never had to advertise or market the company as the majority of their growth resulted from referrals. There is room to grow the business through advertising or marketing that currently isn’t done. The facility is large enough to allow for all types of expansion. Another positive this business has going for it is the location. They are on one of the major thoroughfares through the city and receive a lot of exposure that way.

The bulk of their customer base is located in the Edmonton area and includes a wide variety of businesses. However their customers are not limited to the Edmonton area or even Alberta, with regular clients from Vancouver, Ontario and a number in the far north which is booming much like Alberta. Regardless of size they have built their business based on expertise and service.  A good portion of their clientele comes from the trucking industry with a number of the largest trucking companies in the area and in the north utilizing the services Landon Graphics has to offer.

Included in the purchase price is $ 68,000 worth of furniture, fixtures, computers and sign making equipment. Also included in the purchase price is $ 27,000 worth of inventory and sign making supplies.

 No specific sign industry experience is necessary to acquire this business. This business has a strong base of long term, experienced and reliable employees. The partners would be willing to stay on for a training period after the sale which would be open to negotiate. ln addition, if desired, one of the partners would be willing to continue as an employee on a part time basis.

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An Overview Of Due Diligence And Its Benefits

The judicious investor can understand the huge benefits of purchasing an established business, but also acknowledges the pitfalls awaiting the unwary buyer. Before finalizing the purchase, the cautious buyer can avoid the various acquisition risks by engaging in thorough diligence evaluation. However, there are some clients who often skip due diligence, considering it a spare expense, and such step is usually unwise. If you are willing to buy a business in Edmonton, a systematic process of due diligence can help you prevent a financial pitfall. You can also engage Performance Business Brokers a leading Edmonton business broker to assist in the due diligence of a business acquisition.

Significance of due diligence

A due diligence analyst has a number of responsibilities. Some of the crucial jobs include discovering undisclosed problems, verifying the accuracy of the seller’s representations and discovering hidden assets and opportunities. All these factors help in increasing the client’s confidence in the original business valuation. Similarly, uncovering neglected or hidden assets automatically raises the value of the deal for the buyer. As a result of revealing undisclosed issues if there are any, the purchaser gets an opportunity to change his mind and walk away from the deal. It also offers him a measure to get into negotiating for a more appropriate acquisition price.

Various types of due diligence

  • Commercial – review of market, industry and business model of the issuer.
  • Financial- review of financial position, policies, tax and internal controls.
  • Reputational – review of reputation of individual counter-parties and credit worthiness.
  • Legal–review of documentation for identifying potentially legal issues that may pose impediments or risks to the (i) transaction or (ii) in the issuer’s general operations, that may affect the consideration or value in connection with the dealing.

The major purpose of diligence evaluation as well as structuring of the transaction lies in:

  • Identifying issues relating to documentation and structuring.
  • Identifying contractual and legal impediments.
  • Verifying or confirming warranties and representations.
  • Undertaking processes for the verification of representations and warrants provided.
  • Validating business plan and examining issues and principal areas that needs to be recognized in the business plan.
  • It helps in determining its impact on the proposed transaction.
  • Address, understand and if possible determine risks and build plan of action to mitigate the same.
  • Transaction management and formulating solutions and suggestions to deal with problems.
  • Placing the buyer in a better position depending on the risks addressed, so that the deal can be negotiated or the cost of the acquisition can be adjusted. The buyers also get the opportunity to tailor the indemnities and warranties.

The approach to the due diligence process depends on what is intended to be accomplished and the type of transaction. It is a process of objective and thorough examination that is undertaken before the entry of corporate entities into major transactions like mergers and acquisitions, project finance and security, issuing new stock or other securities and so on. One of the major objectives of due diligence is to minimize the possibility of unknown risks or liabilities to the maximum extent practicable.

Fast Growing Security Company for Sale

Performance Business Brokers Presents

For sale is a Security Company that is halfway through their fourth year of operation and has had a huge revenue increase over this time. Current year’s revenue is tracking to be higher than $1,600,000. Great profit margins.

Most of the revenue comes from businesses in and around the Edmonton area. The business is currently operated by an out of province owner.

All required licensing is in place for the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

This is a perfect addition to a business already in the security industry which is looking to grow through acquisition or for an individual looking to enter the security industry for the first time.

For more information on this business contact Dwight Lester at 780-756-2990 or at info@performancebb.ca