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Edmonton Business Broker – What does a Business Broker do?

What does a Business Broker do?

The short answer is we facilitate the sale and purchase of the business.

Our job starts with education, that is, educating the seller and the buyer on just what is involved in selling and buying a business.  Buying and selling a business is subject to vigorous financial scrutiny, legal conditions, requires confidentiality and is not to be underestimated.  A limited understanding of this process may result in substantially undermining the final sale price.

Performance Business Brokers are involved with buying and selling businesses every day – it’s what we do.  It’s quite possible, on the other hand,  that the seller or buyer has never worked through this process before.  Buying or selling a business can be a huge decision that in all likelihood will change your life, it makes sense to work with someone who has the experience to guide you through this complex process to ensure your success.

What we do for the Seller

We help the seller to determine an appropriate price for their business, we compile an in-depth business memorandum, we create and prepare the marketing strategy, then interview, educate and show the business to qualified buyers.  Throughout the process we keep the seller up-to-date with everything that is happening and provide advice accordingly, we save the seller time and stress.  We draft and present all offers, pointing out the weaknesses and strengths of each, we negotiate.  We assist with the due diligence process and help with the hand-over of the business to the successful buyers.

What we do for the Buyer

We meet with the buyer to determine what their needs are and to educate them on the process they are about to embark on in order to successfully buy a business.  We qualify the buyer financially to ascertain what amount they can invest in a business opportunity.  We match the buyer’s criteria with the criteria of different businesses and then we’ll present these business opportunities to the buyer.

The sale or purchase of a business is a major event and a Performance Business Broker can help make sure it’s a successful one.

By using an experienced and professional Business Broker you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind that you negotiated the best price and on the best terms available.

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