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Edmonton Business Broker – Tip of the Day

Here’s an Easy Way to Keep Your Customers Happy

Give them a call! Make it a point each week to call five of your best customers and thank them for their business. It will go a long way to connecting you with your customers. And you’ll likely learn a lot in the process and have a better pulse on their needs and wants.

Follow these steps to let your customers know you recognize and appreciate their business.

  1. Be observant: Notice when you have frequent or repeat customers; on the phone, via email, or in person, be aware of the number of times a customer is touching your business and your customer service department. Observe their habits. Do they talk about the same concerns? Do they have products they are loyal to? Let your customers know you recognize their buying habits.
  2. Face Issues Directly: When there is a source of conflict or a potential source of conflict, don’t wait for your customers to point it out to you. Be diligent and address the concern head-on. Not only does this save your customer from complaining, it also shows that you really do try to view your company/product/services through the lens of your customer.
  3. Apologize: Sometimes a bad situation can be turned around with a simple apology. Regardless if you think the customer is right or wrong, the customer feels they have been wronged. Take a moment to give a sincere apology.
  4. Show Appreciation: Everyone wants to feel like they matter, so take a moment to show your customers how much they do matter to your business. Showing appreciate builds brand loyalty and trust. Trust = more sales.

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