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Edmonton Business Broker – Tip of the Day

The Best Emails Have Only 1 Call to Action.

When sending an email to your customers, choose one product, service or promotion to be the focus of the email. Then create one call-to-action (click, call, come in) and emphasize it. In addition to a compelling subject line, what are some things you should include and how should the email be structured to make your emails more effective at initiating a conversation?

When writing an email as a part of your process for developing leads and guiding prospects through your sales process, keep these points in mind:

  • Keep it short. Long emails tend to scare readers. Remember, the purpose of the email is to get your prospect to the next stage in your sales cycle. If you get leads from your marketing team, or your automatic web form alerted you that someone downloaded your white paper, decide what you want the prospect to do before you compose your email. Write it with the purpose in mind.
  • Break up large blocks of text. Tight text on a screen looks like a wall of words and is an invitation for your prospect to hit the delete key. Compose your text so that your reader can simply scan it, easily consume it and quickly comprehend it.
  • Get their attention at the beginning. We’ve placed plenty of emphasis on composing an enticing email subject line encouraging the recipient to open the email. Now, what do you do once they have the email opened? Get their attention at the start and entice them to read further. Use one of the five methods you use to open your voicemail messages: mysteries, shock, enticing facts, compliments and stories.
  • Have one call to action. In some of my early emails attempts, I’ve used multiple product lines with various conditions and multiple calls-to-action attempting to make the decision process easier for my prospect. The resulting action was typically no decision on their part. Use just one call to action and make it easy for your prospect to move forward.

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