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Wig & Hair Extension Retail Store

Performance Business Brokers Presents – This well established hair extension and wig store is located in the busiest area of Edmonton.  Foot traffic is extremely high and many customers are repeat customers. The store has been open for over ten years and has great repeat business.

Staffed with 3FT and 2 PT the store can be owner operated or run at arms length. The stores current lease runs for another 6 year under favorable terms. This is a turn key operation.

Purchase price of $400K includes $100K of inventory.

For complete information contact Dwight Lester, 780-756-2990 or info@performancebb.ca

Hydraulic Machine Shop for sale

Available for sale is this local modern industrial hydraulic machine shop. The shop can do manufacturing, service and repair, with a fully-equipped machine shop capable of dealing with projects of any size.

The company has assisted clients both by building and repairing all types of custom and general production machinery and by selling, servicing and repairing all brands of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Staffed by dedicated professionals, including machinists, mechanics, welders, hydraulic, specialists and sales support staff.

The company houses in stock a large selection of metric material. They carry Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Steel Bars I.H.C.P. sizes from 120mm up to 250mm and metric barrels with ID’s from 180 mm up to 300 mm.  They are a custom shop and can make any size required up to lengths of 25ft with their mill.

The machine shop has multiple lathes, boring and milling machines able to tackle all jobs at any time of the day.  They specialize in quick turnarounds.

Then owner has other business interests he would like to focus on.

For complete information, contact Dwight Lester at 780-756-2990 or at info@performancebb.ca

Franchise Pet Food Store For Sale in Edmonton

This high volume pet store is in an ideal location, in a high traffic shopping center, centrally located to the perfect demographics for this type of business. It has been established for over 10 years and has flourished as the go-to pet store for dog and cat food, supplements, accessories, toys, treats, leashes, collars, and professional advice on care and feeding of dogs and cats. This business has been built upon its reputation for quality service and advice, professionalism, and caring for each customer individually. This store is part of a national franchise with over 50 stores in Canada.

The business also has a dog grooming room that is subleased out.

This is a totally turnkey business just waiting for the new owner to take it to the next level. This is a diamond mine just waiting for the new owner to start harvesting the diamonds and reaping the profits.

For complete details contact Dwight Lester, 780-499-2386 or info@performancebb.ca


Price Reduced – Brand New Nail Salon For Sale

Performance Business Brokers Presents – A brand new Nail Salon in Sherwood Park is for sale.  Just opened 8 months ago available for immediate sale.  100% turnkey business comes complete with 6 Nail stations, 6 pedicures chairs, Wax / Massage room with all the equipment, Washer and Dryer, many fixtures of gel and polish.  All equipment, supplies, tools, furniture and fixtures included.

Located in a prime newly built Sherwood Park location, Excellent opportunity for owner/operator. Excellent reputation in the area and customers love coming here.  Can accommodate up to 12 Nail Technicians.

Contact Dwight Lester at 780-756-2990 or via email at info@performancebb.ca


The number 3 producing UPS store in Edmonton is for sale. The Business is supported by a well recognized name brand business which supports commercial and neighborhood businesses with copying and digital printing solutions, document services, shipping options, full-service packaging, or mailboxes services.

The UPS store franchisees which will provide professional training and support for the new owners with a network of over 340 other locations across Canada.

Priced well below what a new location would cost with income being generated from day one. Enjoy the enormous strength limitless potential of solid industry name brand recognition with great lease and location and term. Price includes all lease holds, inventory and furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Please contact Dwight Lester (780) 756-2990 or info@performancebb.ca find out how easy it is become an owner of this great opportunity.

Very Well Equipped Machine Shop For Sale

This well-regarded Edmonton based Company specializes in the development and manufacture of parts and components, precision CNC Machining services and Repair Solutions.  Their products are used by a variety of industries and sectors. The Company’s customer base of loyal customers are primarily located in Alberta, however they do serve some international markets.

The Company has a great reputation for comprehensive equipment capabilities, value-added services and a staunch focus on customer service; which, results in excellent customer relationships and high rate of repeat business. Significant growth potential exists via more aggressive business development efforts, expanded service offerings, as well as geographic expansion.

The Company prides itself on its ability to produce custom precision products to meet exacting specifications. This competency has allowed the company to develop long term customer relationships, leading to repeat and referral business.

This dynamic and forward thinking company has consistently invested in new equipment. It offers its customers the best manufacturing technologies and service; ensuring demanding standards of quality are achieved.

Given its robust equipment, which has been appraised at over $ 2 million, the Company has additional capacity available throughout their large shop.  With close to 20 employees no project is too big to be handled. The only limitation is the 10 Ton crane.

For more information on this business contact Dwight Lester at 780-756-2990 or at info@performancebb.ca

SOLD – Fire Protection Business for Sale

Fire Sprinkler Contracting Company

Edmonton Alberta 

For the past 7 years the company for sale has been providing fire sprinkler system design, fabrication, and installation, inspection, and maintenance services for various types of industrial, residential and commercial buildings. 35 %  of  the  primary  business  activity  is inspections and tests, 30% is for service and repairs, 20% is new equipment installation, 10% it equipment sales and 5% consulting.

The Company handles a wide-array of fire protection needs, ranging from small, retrofit projects to new building installations, repairs, inspections, and confidence testing services. Typical projects include manufacturing facilities, health care facilities, big box retail stores, schools, paper mills, fast food chains, warehouses, and a large variety of other buildings.

Growth projections are strong, with additional work coming due to increasing government regulations, the insurance industry provides tangible incentives for companies to improve their fire protection systems. This company is positioned to meet these needs with its high-performing team of experienced and skilled personnel.

The ideal buyers would include competitive companies interested in expanding their presence throughout the region, or complimentary companies looking to expand product and service offerings to their current customer base, or individuals who are interested in handling the higher level management responsibilities of the business.

For more information on this business contact Dwight Lester at 780-756-2990 or at info@performancebb.ca

Business Risk Evaluation and Winning Management Strategy

Every business faces varying degrees of risks on a daily basis. Now, what is vital for its survival is, knowing how these risks will affect your business. Risk detection, risk evaluation and risk management are all significant processes that every business carries out whether it does so knowingly or not. Having a formal system in terms of developing a strategy for risk analysis in place will ensure that the business owners, management and employees are all working together to enhance business resilience and growth opportunities as well.

Developing a Strategy

Providing a precise and inclusive representation of an organization’s future performance requires a Business Intermediary to consider both positive and negative features of its operations. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis provides a four-pronged system for assessing risk that links a business’s inner strengths and weaknesses to the opportunities and threats in its outer environment. This accepted tool helps valuator’s organize their thoughts and offers a holistic risk evaluation.

Identifying Risks

Developing a framework to deal with risks is not at all a complex and daunting task. Four simple steps can complete a risk management plan for most businesses. Find out what can happen, how and why a risk may arise and whether it can benefit or threaten the business. Risks can come from anywhere, yet below are the sources of some most common risks to any business:

  • Operational Risks (viz. fraud or processing errors)
  • Regulatory and Legal Risks (viz. contractual or third party injury)
  • Natural Risks (viz. storm, flood or diseases)
  • Financial Risks (viz. sources of funds or interest rate fluctuations)
  • Political and Socio-Economic Risks (viz. terrorism or change in government policy)
  • Strategic Risks (viz. new competitor or loss of key personnel)

Risks Related to the Buyer

For different types of buyers, it is crucial for evaluators to find out the risks related to the choice of one buyer instead of another. To ensure a valuator’s subjective decision is well supported and reasonable, below are some factors to consider very early in the process.

  • Is the buyer acting on behalf of a competitor?
  • What works behind his or her motivations?
  • Can he or she afford to involve in the transaction?

These considerations will help in investigating exactly how these risks can affect the appraiser’s assessment. Regardless of the adverse scenario that may arise, the assistance of an experienced Business Intermediary will certainly help you identify more about business value vs. risk, selling your existing business or buying a new one.

Hence, the valuator’s support and guide their clients through the varying steps of the buying or selling process. You may also contact an attorney to review valuator’s subjective decisions for ensuring that all risk factors have received enough attention.

Performance Business Brokers Facilitates the Sale of Grizzly Disposal Solution

March 13, 2014 10:30 ET

Performance Business Brokers Facilitates the Sale of Grizzly Disposal Solution by Way of Controlled Auction in Edmonton, Alberta

EDMONTON, ALBERTA–(Marketwired – March 13, 2014) – Performance Business Brokers (www.performancebusinessbrokers.ca) of Edmonton, AB has completed the sale of Grizzly Disposal Solutions in Lac La Biche, Alberta. Grizzly Disposal is a full service Waste Disposal Solutions company specializing in front load, roll-off and curbside waste service. Their customers range from residential, commercial and oil field servicing, including many in the oils sands field.

Dwight Lester, President of Performance Business Brokers in Edmonton AB comments, “With the type of business being sold and knowing that there were multiple possible suitors we concluded the best process for selling the business was through a controlled auction. Our objective was to create a competitive market among multiple buyers for the sale of this business.” Norman Charest, the Sellers commented, “Working with Performance Business Brokers was the right choice for us. Dwight provided great guidance throughout the whole process from the first day in listing the business for sale and throughout the process including closing.”

About Performance Business Brokers, Edmonton

Performance Business Brokers is a full service Edmonton Business Brokerage Company that sells businesses across Alberta. We specialize in business valuations, packaging, listing and the selling of existing businesses and new business opportunities.

Selling your business is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make and it can involve high levels of stress and anxiety. Working with a professional can reduce the stress by determining the optimal selling price and terms for the seller. The majority of a business owners’ wealth is often tied to the business so a properly executed exit from it is paramount. It is important to ensure you have the right team to guide you when selling your business.

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An Overview Of Due Diligence And Its Benefits

The judicious investor can understand the huge benefits of purchasing an established business, but also acknowledges the pitfalls awaiting the unwary buyer. Before finalizing the purchase, the cautious buyer can avoid the various acquisition risks by engaging in thorough diligence evaluation. However, there are some clients who often skip due diligence, considering it a spare expense, and such step is usually unwise. If you are willing to buy a business in Edmonton, a systematic process of due diligence can help you prevent a financial pitfall. You can also engage Performance Business Brokers a leading Edmonton business broker to assist in the due diligence of a business acquisition.

Significance of due diligence

A due diligence analyst has a number of responsibilities. Some of the crucial jobs include discovering undisclosed problems, verifying the accuracy of the seller’s representations and discovering hidden assets and opportunities. All these factors help in increasing the client’s confidence in the original business valuation. Similarly, uncovering neglected or hidden assets automatically raises the value of the deal for the buyer. As a result of revealing undisclosed issues if there are any, the purchaser gets an opportunity to change his mind and walk away from the deal. It also offers him a measure to get into negotiating for a more appropriate acquisition price.

Various types of due diligence

  • Commercial – review of market, industry and business model of the issuer.
  • Financial- review of financial position, policies, tax and internal controls.
  • Reputational – review of reputation of individual counter-parties and credit worthiness.
  • Legal–review of documentation for identifying potentially legal issues that may pose impediments or risks to the (i) transaction or (ii) in the issuer’s general operations, that may affect the consideration or value in connection with the dealing.

The major purpose of diligence evaluation as well as structuring of the transaction lies in:

  • Identifying issues relating to documentation and structuring.
  • Identifying contractual and legal impediments.
  • Verifying or confirming warranties and representations.
  • Undertaking processes for the verification of representations and warrants provided.
  • Validating business plan and examining issues and principal areas that needs to be recognized in the business plan.
  • It helps in determining its impact on the proposed transaction.
  • Address, understand and if possible determine risks and build plan of action to mitigate the same.
  • Transaction management and formulating solutions and suggestions to deal with problems.
  • Placing the buyer in a better position depending on the risks addressed, so that the deal can be negotiated or the cost of the acquisition can be adjusted. The buyers also get the opportunity to tailor the indemnities and warranties.

The approach to the due diligence process depends on what is intended to be accomplished and the type of transaction. It is a process of objective and thorough examination that is undertaken before the entry of corporate entities into major transactions like mergers and acquisitions, project finance and security, issuing new stock or other securities and so on. One of the major objectives of due diligence is to minimize the possibility of unknown risks or liabilities to the maximum extent practicable.